Why should I bring my dog to Happy Hounds?

At Happy Hounds we will show you how to set your dog up for success! You will learn how to reward behavior you like (so that it will be repeated) and set boundaries so that your dog can't get into trouble. We will never tell you to intimidate your dog into behaving by using aversive methods (scaring your dog into behaving will backfire and cause even more problems). Training is geared towards teaching your dog new ways to behave and should never frighten your dog or inflict pain. We also help you learn how dogs think and why they do the things they do. Pat has been training dogs for over 25 years and has worked with every breed so she knows how to help you achieve your goals - whether you just want a dog with good manners or want to participate in dog sports!

What program would work best for me and my dog??

If your puppy or dog has never attended classes before and just needs to learn basic manners you'll want to start with our Just Say Please 1 class. Your dog will be introduced to all the foundation exercises needed to have a well behaved dog. We love group class training. It's fun and economical. Best of all your dog learns to handle the excitement of working around other dogs and people.

If your dog already knows the basics then one of our advanced manners classes or a sport/fun class would be the way to go! If you're not sure which class would be the best fit just contact us so that we can tell you more about the options available. Prerequisite: Just Say Please 1 class (if not currently a Happy Hounds student, requires instructor approval).

If you need help with specific behavior problems or can't commit to a weekly class due to your schedule, private lessons will be your best choice. We can schedule the lessons at a time convenient to you. Examples of problems best suited to private sessions: reactivity or fear toward strange dogs/people, resource guarding, any type of aggression, barking, etc. The lessons are usually done here, but sometimes an in-home lesson will help address a particular problem (there is an additional charge for in-home lessons). Please let us know what the issues are so that we can tailor a program specifically for you and your dog.

If you need us to train your dog for you our Board and Train or Puppy Quick Start options are ideal. Both programs give you and your dog a head start in training and then you just need to follow up once you get your dog home.

How often do the classes meet?

Classes meet once a week at the same time and day each week.

Should I sign up for a class if I know I'll miss one?

In today's busy world it is very common that students may miss the occasional class and that's not a problem. We can usually help you catch up in the next class. If you know you'll miss more than one class you might want to enroll in a different session or you can book a private lesson to catch up (there is an additional charge for private lessons). We are not able to offer refunds for missed classes.

Do you offer make-up classes if I miss a class?

Because most of our classes fill, we are not typically able to offer make-up classes. You can check with your instructor to see if there is another class with space available for you to attend (availability is usually the exception). You always have the option of booking a Private Lesson to make-up for any missed material or anytime you'd like some individual help.

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